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LinkedIn is the social network that a lot of people have a love/hate relationship but if you’re working in the legal sector then it’s one that you’ve got to learn to get along with.

Last week we told you how the new updates will affect LinkedIn and how you can make the most of them. While we wait for them to appear, we’ve listed 5 law firms that get their company page spot on plus 5 tips for making your account stand out.


Nabarro LLP

Clean cut and aesthetically pleasing, the Nabarro LLP LinkedIn page shows you who they are in black and white. With a detailed bio (that doesn’t waffle), a showcase page and group as well as regular updates they’ve got it covered. All of their posts inspire good engagement and they key is that they are very topical. After the Autumn Statement released this month, Nabarro had written, posted and shared a blog on the topic within hours of the announcement. Big points for relevancy.



Shoosmiths’ company page looks trendy from the get-go. A great colour scheme with a bold, simple design that brings their recent achievements straight to the attention of any visitor. They’ve utilised the ‘pin’ function to keep their big news at the top of their profile and post fairly regularly (although could do a bit more in our eyes)


DLA Piper

We had to include at least one of the big guns so take a nosey at DLA Piper’s LinkedIn page to see how it’s done at the top. They’ve got Showcase Pages sussed, with one for each of their sectors and countries that all have an average of 500 followers. They’re hitting nearly 70,000 followers for their main profile where they churn out up to 20 topical and visual posts a day.



While Weightmans don’t have the followers that many others do on this list, what we liked about their page was its simplicity. A short, one-sentence bio that doesn’t require expanding and a cover photo that simply reads ‘Law is our business’. Clean, explanatory and Plain English – just what we like. Their posts are a mix of links and images, we really like that their visuals are kept with their general branding and even something as simple as writing their status on the classic green background makes it stand out – perfect for sharing.



A recent Legal #TOTW, DWF Law has continued their vibrant, snazzy colour scheme over on their LinkedIn page. It really lifts the content off the page and stands out remarkably against other, dare we say duller, pages. Good employee interaction alongside Featured Groups and Job Listings make for a great company profile. 

So now you’ve seen how LinkedIn Law Firm company pages can be done, we’ve promised to share some of our top tips for standing out. 

  1. Don’t skimp on the images.
    What makes some of the best profiles stand out are their logos and cover images. Make sure you’ve got high res files and that it’s named correctly. Keep it in theme with the rest of your branding and use the cover image as an opportunity to showcase a bit more about you.
  2. Make your bio brilliant.
    We’ve seen both extremes of the bio in our list above and both are perfectly fine. If you want to keep it short and sweet, do just that. Just make sure it all sits on the first couple of lines so you don’t get the expand option to read the last few words. If you’re going for the long haul, keep it concise, clear and full of useful eye-catching info (they can find the rest on your website)
  3. Get your employees involved.
    The best way to stand out is to ensure you’re being shared and spotted everywhere. Encourage your employees to link to your page and ask them to keep an eye on the updates. Even if only a handful of your employees like or share your posts, they’ll be seen by hundreds, if not thousands, more people.
  4. The three Rs: relevant, regular, really good visuals (we really wanted a 3rd R)
    Some of the best company pages we’ve seen have regular posts that are relevant and look good. When the new LinkedIn updates do kick in, there will be a much bigger focus placed on articles and updates. Make sure your links are always expanded with an image and create your own to mix things up a bit.
  5. Keep an eye on analytics
    LinkedIn offers its own analytics for company pages (although even better ones can be found elsewhere) so use them. Find out who is viewing your posts and work out who isn’t. If you’re not getting the reach you expected, experiment. Try posting at different times or including different hashtags (currently only on mobile). 

If LinkedIn isn’t your speciality or if you need any help with your law firm’s social media and strategy, get in touch with Elephant Creative today.