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We’ve worked with Kim Walowsky, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, at DWF LLP and we’re pleased to publish this guest blog post, which first appeared on her LinkedIn profile, about using Periscope for B2B marketing. Over to you Kim…


Since Twitter launched Periscope in March 2015, it has become the most popular live video streaming application. So, how does it work and how can you use it for your business?
The applications are vast and this blog will hopefully help you evaluate if live streaming could add value to your B2B brand experience and get you started with your first pilot.


Familiarise yourself and give it a go…

There are many ways to evaluate new technology and approaches may vary, depending on the level of investment required, potential risk and company culture. However, whilst one needs to apply some diligence, we are not implementing a new CRM system; we are simply exploring another way to engage with our target audiences. Live streaming technology has been around for quite some time. Platforms such as Periscope simply make it more accessible and help you leverage Twitter, a channel you may already use to connect with your target audiences.
Conduct some basic research and give it a go. Who are the key players? In what contexts has the technology been used? Are there some good use cases in a B2B context? Have my team members or any of my peers got any experience I can draw on?
Top tip: When the big players such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Snapchat or Instagram announce the release of new features or are showing an interest in acquiring tech startups that are likely to lead to new functionality, it is time to start thinking about potential opportunities for your business.
Download Periscope to your smartphone
The Periscope application or app is available for iOS (Apple) and Android (most other mobile phones and tablets). If you are reading this on your smartphone, you can use the links below to download the app:
Download Periscope for iOS devices »
Download Periscope for Android »

Sign up / sign in

There are two options to sign up to Periscope. If you are already on Twitter, you can simply sign up with your Twitter account. Alternatively, you can use your mobile phone number to sign up. For detailed instructions on how to sign up, visit the Periscope help portal.

Top tip: When you first sign up to Periscope, consider setting up a personal account to experiment with before using Periscope for your business. 

Take a look around & give it a go

Before you get going, familiarise yourself with the app. Click on the tabs at the bottom of the screen to start exploring. Watch some live streams and follow some accounts and people who are on Periscope. You will find everything from the interesting to the very obscure, but understanding how this application can be used will help you move to the next step. Are your customers or suppliers on Periscope? Try and find them.
Give it a go with your personal account. Untick the setting that automatically issues a Tweet when you start ‘periscoping’. Periscope your dog fetching a ball. Change the settings and periscope your cat climbing a tree.

Top tip 1:Use #testing123 in your periscope title. That way anybody who is viewing your live steam knows you are simply running some tests. 
Top tip 2:If you have signed up using Twitter, tap the Twitter bird in the bottom right of your screen to turn off the Twitter post. Periscope automatically creates a tweet when you start broadcasting if you don’t disable this function.

Think about applications in your own business

We are not thinking about adding value to and integrating with your overall digital and communications strategies at this stage. Just apply some blue-sky thinking. Take inspiration from others or brainstorm some new ideas. Here are a few examples and uses that may inspire you, ranging from the basic to the more advanced:
Could you use Periscope to provide access to an event for people who cannot physically attend it or simply open up a popular event to livestream attendees? Could you use Periscope instead of hosting a physical event? You may already get a feel how this channel can complement or extend your existing ones and how ‘value’ creation will naturally follow.
Top tip: If you Periscope an event, make sure you ask for permission from the venue, co-hosts, and speakers and inform the audience that you are live streaming the event before you get started.
Behind the scenes
This is an opportunity to get your customers and prospects more engaged with your brand without arranging an ‘open day’ or face-to-face meetings. The livestream could focus on your facilities in a manufacturing environment, a peek into a product development or training session, quick interviews with some of the C-Suite or front-line employees.
Top tip: Watch the General Electric #DRONEWEEK video for some inspiration – watch now » and follow them on Twitter while you are on that page.
Product demos
Quite a few companies have used Periscope to demo/promote their products. From the more straight-forward demos to Caterpillar’s Drone Videos for large equipment and Adobe’s “24 Hours of Creative Cloud”.
Industry news
This could be an alternative to a blog. If you work in professional services, you are probably already tasked with allocating some of your precious time to producing Perspectives/Updates/Thought Leadership blogs. If you are quite a comfortable speaker, you could consider Persicope as a supplementary channel. Point the camera and start sharing your thoughts.
Top tip: If you are saving your Periscope video (make sure you have enough storage on the device you are using), you could get in touch with the marketing team to get it uploaded to your YouTube channel and then embed it on your website page before sharing it out using all the relevant corporate and personal channels available to you. It is called ‘sweating the asset’…!
Q&A Sessions
This is for the more advanced user. Twitter’s CFO, Anthony Noto, was available for a live Q3 Post Earnings Q&A on Periscope last year. This type of live streaming will take some careful planning and does present some risks, like the potential of Trolls getting involved and disrupting your broadcast.
Top tip: Keep the topics of your initial business broadcasts as uncontroversial as possible and ‘limit’ the ‘chat’ option when you set up your first broadcast.

Your first livestream

Keep it simple
How could you add some value to an existing group of customers, known prospects or employees? Consider the different uses outlined above and others that you have come across.  Maybe you can involve some advocates that help you shape future events, provide you with feedback post event and get colleagues and peers involved.
Top tip: Set up a ‘Tech or Geek or Innovation’ Forum in your business, that may not just help keeping you ahead of the curve, but help you with the ‘first’ roll-outs of new approaches.
Promote your ‘event’

Think about creating a small campaign to generate interest for your live stream. As with every event, the content needs to be of value for the ‘event’ to fly. Ultimately, Periscope is just another way to consume content.   Due to its integration, Twitter is a key channel to promoting your live streams, but consider your other marketing channels too.

Top tip: Prepare a tweet schedule to support the live stream. Create a mixture of pre-event, event and post-event tweets.
Set up
If you are not using a drone … consider using a tri-pod, which improves the quality of the stream and leaves your hands free to conduct some live tweeting on another device or demonstrations if you are the subject matter of the livestream. When setting up your device, be aware of its limitations in terms of picture and sound quality. Get close enough to the action.
Top tip: If you are live tweeting, and have prepared some tweets, copy them to your notes or an email from which you can simply copy & paste them into a Twitter update. It speeds up the process and limits spelling mistakes.
Start broadcasting
Enter your event title, check your settings and start broadcasting. You can consider creating some interactivity. Run a twitter poll for example:

After the event
Thank you audience and encourage some feedback. You will always find areas to improve and potentially some ideas for your next live stream.
Any thoughts or questions on using Periscope in a B2B context?
If you have read this far, I hope you found it valuable. Feel free to share your thoughts, examples, top tips or ask any questions you may have.


Thank you to Kim for allowing us to share her blog article.