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Marketing agency Elephant Creative has scooped a tasty prize, thanks to the hard work of their associates pledging to do lots of good deeds.

As part of Good Deeds Day, members of the agency have spent March and April pledging to ‘do little things that make a big difference’, from walking more and driving less, growing their own vegetables, ditching disposable coffee cups, wasting less food and switching off computers every night.

Collectively their pledges add up to 457kg of potential carbon savings, that’s equivalent to 7.6 flights from London to Paris – and that’s quite a lot since Elephant Creative is a virtual agency with 20 associates. Their actions have just bagged them first prize – a Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream party – in a competition exclusively between members of the B Corp community.

In the spirit of Good Deeds Day, Elephant Creative intend to donate half of their prize to a charity in Gloucestershire helping Syrian refugee families.

The competition was set up by Do Nation, an online platform where companies and individuals can set up campaigns, and was held for certified B Corporations, with participation from B Corps including Pukka Herbs and Divine Chocolate.

B Corp is a global movement of over 2,000 companies, using business as a force for good. B Corp is to business what Fair Trade certification is to coffee, and B Corps are certified by the not-for-profit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

Good Deeds Day, on April 2nd, is a global day where people from 75 countries come together to do good deeds for the benefit of others and the planet. It is based on a simple idea – that everyone can do something good, be it large or small, to improve the lives of others and change the world positively.

Hermione Taylor, founder and director of certified B Corp Do Nation, said: “We saw Good Deeds Day as a great opportunity to build sense of community within the B Corp community, by involving their staff in ‘being the change’ in their own simple ways.

“This is the first time we’ve run an inter-company competition like this and it seemed to work well as there was a nice balance of people working together, alongside friendly rivalry spurring the competition on. We’re pleased to see Elephant Creative win, as we know their team put so much work into their pledges over the last few weeks.”

Fellow B Corporation Ben and Jerry’s donated the prize – an ice-party for the company that pledged the most good deeds per head, and a second prize is up for grabs for the team that completes the most pledges by reporting back on their progress in May.

Owner of Elephant Creative, Helen Hammond, said: “This competition was of course a good bit of fun, but the actions and message behind it were totally serious. This was a great opportunity for us as a business to demonstrate and put into action the things we stand for as a Certified B Corp – being a business that is a force for good, making a positive impact on people and the planet.

Claire Marshall, PR and marketing associate at Elephant Creative, said: “We’ve all got a lot out of this competition. You may think making a pledge doesn’t amount to much, but it really makes you think about your actions on a daily basis. I always forgot to switch my computer off at night and would leave it on standby. Now, with my pledge in mind, I shut it down every day to conserve electricity and it’s become a good habit.”

Elephant Creative plan to hold their ice-cream party in May – of course they’ll all have to walk or cycle there, and ensure their ice-cream pots are biodegradable!