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Welcome back to our monthly Education Wrap. Here you can find the latest news in the education industry alongside up-to-date marketing advice and our favourite free marketing tool of the month. Over the past few weeks we’ve been talking about the general election, addressing the UK’s productivity challenge and a pause in the apprenticeship procurement.

What does the general election mean for education?

In response to Prime Minister Theresa May’s announcement that a general election will be held on 8th June, Stephen Evans, a chief executive of the Learning and Work Institute, said political parties would be ‘judged’ by their manifesto commitments to FE. He stated that he would seek to ensure that the sector was central in the election debate. He argued that FE must be central to the government’s plans for a prosperous post-Brexit Britain.

Addressing the UK’s ‘Productivity Challenge’.

It has been long documented that the UK suffers from a serious and long-standing productivity gap. Graham Hasting-Evans, Group Managing Director at NOCN, puts forward the suggestion that in order to improve productivity and economic output we need to focus on three key skills: technical, employability and management. Encouraging these through Further Education and apprenticeships could help us close a productivity gap in the next five years and establish a workforce which is motivated, productive, can adapt to change and is socially mobile.

Apprenticeship procurement ‘paused’, says ESFA.

The process of approving providers to deliver apprenticeships for non-levy paying companies has been ‘paused’, the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) has announced. Existing contracts held by current providers will instead be extended until the end of the year to ‘maintain stability in the system’.

National Careers Service has ‘no positive impact’ on employment.

A government-commissioned research report on the National Careers Service has failed to identify that it has any positive impact on getting its users into employment. The report on the NCS, which has received £380 million in government funding since it was launched in 2012, “could not identify a positive impact of the NCS on employment or benefit-dependency outcomes”.

Content Marketing – Getting your whole college involved.

According to research 61% of the most effective marketers meet with their content team regularly and it made us think – is it only the content team that should part of the process? What’s stopping you from getting your whole college involved in your marketing strategy? After all, it’s the teachers, students and staff that you’re representing – so why not give them a say in how its done?

Freebie of the month : Pexels

Visual content is the key to making good content look great. Sometimes this means videos, infographics, the full works… but other times it can be as simple as adding a nice looking image to your blog, newsletter or social media post. Finding a free image that isn’t covered with watermarks or a cringe-worthy stock image can be difficult but that’s where Pexels comes into play.

If you’re looking for a stock photo that doesn’t look like a stock photo, this is one of the best. Stick in any search terms (trust us, we’ve had to hunt for some random combinations in our time) and you’ll find something trendy and suitable to add to your content.

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