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Welcome back to our monthly Legal Wrap. Here you can find the latest news in the legal industry alongside up-to-date marketing advice and our favourite free marketing tool of the month. In the legal sector over the past few weeks, we’ve been talking about probate fees, the ongoing case of Uber and the gig economy and tips for law firms from John Lewis’ ex-boss.

Probate fees: Planned increase scrapped ahead of election

Controversial plans to raise the legal fees payable after death are to be scrapped ahead of the general election. Probate fees had been due to rise from £155 or £215 to up to £20,000 for some estates in England and Wales from May. The Ministry of Justice said there was now not enough time for the legislation – dubbed a “stealth death tax” by critics – to go through Parliament.

Uber granted right to appeal against ruling on UK drivers’ rights

Uber has been granted the right to appeal against last year’s landmark ruling that its UK minicab drivers should be treated as employed workers with rights to the minimum wage and sick pay.

The employment appeals tribunal in London has set a date for a two-day hearing starting on 27 September. The San Francisco-based company will argue its 40,000 currently self-employed drivers in Britain are free to work when and where they want and enjoy more flexibility than traditional private-hire drivers who are self-employed.

Fire your law firm’s misfits within weeks – ex-John Lewis boss

Efforts by law firms to stand out by defining their ‘values’ and purpose commonly fail through lack of management commitment, the former head of customer service at iconic department store chain John Lewis has said. 

Andrew McMillan, now an independent consultant, believes that ideally a law firm leader will spend up to half of their time on tasks such as looking after the interests of staff and checking clients are properly welcomed at the firm – all the while modelling the behaviour and values expected of fee-earners and staff.

3 ways to make your visual content stand out 

Our latest blog on legal marketing advice is all about image. Did you know 93% of human communication is non-verbal?  That’s why it’s so crucial to add plenty of visual content to your marketing strategy. Luckily for you we’ve created a handy little infographic with our favourite three ways to spice up your visuals. It’s a lot easier than you might think.

Freebie of the month : Pexels

If you need a little help getting started with your visual content, sometimes it can be as simple as addng a nice looking image to your blog, newsletter or social media post. Finding a free image that isn’t covered with watermarks or a cringe-worthy stock image can be difficult but that’s where Pexels comes into play.

If you’re looking for a stock photo that doesn’t look like a stock photo, this is one of the best. Stick in any search terms (trust us, we’ve had to hunt for some random combinations in our time) and you’ll find something trendy and suitable to add to your content.

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