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Welcome back to our monthly Legal Wrap. Here you can find the latest news in the legal industry alongside up-to-date marketing advice and our favourite free marketing tool of the month. In this edition we cover the BBC gender pay gap, what Brexit is costing Britain and why ‘catfishing’ should be a crime. We’ve also got some handy tips on legal marketing and another freebie, so read on…

 Luke Menzies is director of Menzies Law, gender pay gap and equal pay specialists

BBC faces threat of legal action from female stars in gender pay gap storm

It has emerged that the BBC’s top-paid male star raked in more than four times the salary of the highest-earning woman. Elephant client Menzies Law, a specialist in pay equality, was quoted in The Sun and The London Evening Standard this week commenting on equal pay in the BBC, following top stars salaries being revealed.

Bar Council calls for ‘shared tribunal’ if CJEU is ditched

The Bar Council has called for a ‘shared tribunal’ to hear grievances of EU citizens living in the UK after Brexit, and has warned people risk losing out if the government insists on breaking away from the Court of Justice of the European Union.

brexit wall

Brexit government department has spent £3.7m in legal costs since the referendum 

DExEU, the government department for exiting the European Union has spent £3.7m in legal costs since it was set up last summer, the most significant area of expenditure for DExEU after overall staff costs of £14m. A government report published on 19 July revealed that DExEU cost taxpayers £1.2m in legal fees for the cases brought against the government, including that on triggering of Article 50, which formally started the UK’s withdrawal process from the European Union (EU).

New call to outlaw ‘catfishing’

A Stockport Labour MP has called to make ‘catfishing’ – the growing phenomenon of stealing a person’s identity to make an online dating profile more attractive – a criminal offence. Last year, the Crown Prosecution Service updated prosecution guidelines for cases involving social media communications, but currently ’catfishing’ could fall within one of about six offences.

Fifteen ways to get on top of your law firm marketing this summer holidays

Everyone knows… marketing costs a lot of money and grinds to a halt over the summer, right?  No! We think it’s time you took a new look at how you spend the summer months.  Why does the cleaning have to happen in the Spring and the resolutions in January?  Why can’t we take advantage of the next few months to focus on developing our marketing activity? Our three part series gives you some handy tips on how to make the best of your time before getting back into the swing of things.

Freebie of the Month: Canva 

Lawyers love their text-based marketing, so creating top-quality visual content can be a struggle. Canva is a free website that helps you create sleek, stylish graphics for a wide range of social media platforms. It’s getting harder and harder to engage people and keep their attention, especially with the vast amount of information on social media. Adding some custom-made images not only shows care about your brand, but can make a huge difference to how long people stay on your page. Sign up and have a play around.

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