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In terms of education marketing, primary schools often struggle to make an impact, almost entirely due to budget and resource constraints.

As smaller entities, they don’t have the budgets for in-house or external marketing work. Now this isn’t necessarily a problem in terms of pupil retention and attracting pupils, as many primary schools are over-subscribed.

However, a website is a now a critical piece of collateral, not just as a window to the school and attracting new pupils and parents, but for informing current pupils and parents, sharing news and important information. It’s sometimes used by the local community who are looking to be informed or for teachers and staff members.

Increasingly a modern website, that is mobile-friendly, and has the ability to allow schools to share news and blogs, is a ‘must-have’.

Elephant Creative has worked in the education sector for many years and we has worked with many FE and HE colleges as well as primary providers. We wanted to be able to use this expertise to provide marketing support for primary schools. So, we’ve launched a set of packages targeted to primary schools, offering quality, designed websites that are fit-for-purposes and easy to use at affordable prices.

There are a great deal of ‘budget range’ do-it-yourself websites on the market, but we found them to leave schools high-and-dry once the basic work was done, and we know the limited time schools have. Our packages leave you with a complete website with all the content and photos uploaded so you’re ready to go from the first click – no having to add things yourself. You’ll have training in the system to update as and when you want.

To find out more download the complete primary schools brochure.