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February is B Corp Month! Love is in the air, and this Valentine’s Day we’re going to be telling you all about our #BCrush. We’d like to introduce you to a B Corp that’s very special to us here at Elephant Creative, because without them we wouldn’t be on our own B Corp journey.

It all started way back in 2015, when Elephant Creative was invited to do some work by BWB’s Head of Marketing. As part of this we had to get to know the firm and its approach – little did we know just how special this is.

Whilst we were used to working for law firms with charity expertise, as well as firms with commercial expertise, BWB was a bit different. What really stood out was its belief that the commercial world could be made more responsible, without businesses compromising on ambition, growth and profit.

“As part of this work I was asked to sit down with Luke Fletcher and talk to him about the firm’s B Corp journey. I’d never heard about B Corps and was really blown away to think of a law firm not only supporting businesses that want to do this, but being brave enough to be the first (and currently only) law firm that has gone through the process themselves”, says Elephant Creative’s Managing Director Helen Hammond.

BWB has always been one of the leading charity and public sector firms. However, they haven’t been limited to just this. Their reputation for hard hitting commercial work is equally impressive. What sets them apart, however, is the way they’ve focused on working for commercially responsible businesses as well as promoting their founding values to a wider client base. What’s great is that they really understand that being socially responsible doesn’t have to mean you’re a charity… or that you have to restrict your commercial outlook. They’re pretty unique in the way they understand this world, and the world needs more lawyers like them!

We love that they’re proud of their B Corp status, and that their hard work and enthusiasm has been instrumental in bringing B Corps to the UK. Luke Fletcher even sits on the board of B Lab UK and was part of the founding team. Talk about practicing what you preach!

We wouldn’t be a B Corp without BWB. It’s as simple as that. “BWB taught me that there is a very real way to be both a force for good and commercially-minded. Businesses can make a real difference just by going through the Impact Assessment and learning about the ways they do things. I guess ‘meeting’ BWB has shown me that there is a way you can be socially responsible and still grow a successful business”, Helen says.

Here at Elephant Creative we want make a difference and, little by little, change the way other businesses work too. BWB is sharing this message through their legal advice and we’re doing it through our marketing, strategy and communications advice. That’s why we’re proud that BWB is our #BCrush this Valentine’s Day.

You can read more about the work that BWB does for B Corps here.

If you’re interested in joining us in using business as a force for good, take a look at our plain-English guide here.