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We understand that when you know you want to improve business development in your firm, but don’t know where to start, it can feel like nailing a jellyfish to the wall.  To help with this we have developed a number of stand-alone projects that often create a strong starting point for future activity.  You can click on the pink titles to download a brochure.

  1. Making a profit – Working with one of our financial data analysis associates we review your client data to understand where your work comes from and the profitability of each transaction.  We use this profile your client-base, identifying ‘types’ of clients that you should target for optimum profitability.

  2. Tender and Pitch support – Stand-alone projects to support you in important tenders and pitches through researching, preparing and writing them, as well as coaching key fee-earners in preparation for beauty parades and presentations.

  3. Business Development Feasibility Study – When you have a good idea for business development – be that a new product/service or a new target area – it can help to have a specialist research its viability and the best way to both set and achieve objectives.  This can include desk research and teleresearch as well as market trend and profitability analysis.

  4. Business development training and mentoring – Just because you are an expert in the law or finance doesn’t mean that you are comfortable pitching to a room full or suits or making telephone approaches.  Our specialists are expert at providing group training (at all seniorities) as well as one-to-one mentoring.

  5. Marketing and Business Development Audit – A robust, professional audit of your whole marketing and business development function reviewing everything from tactical activity (benchmarked against competitors) through to how well this is linked to firm-wide strategy, team structure and effectiveness, legal and professional compliance and recommendations to reduce risk in the future.