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Getting the things you say right can feel like a struggle. To help, we’ve developed a number of fixed fee projects that will get your started. You can click on the pink titles to download our brochures.

  1. Tender and Pitch support – Stand-alone projects to support you in important tenders and pitches through researching, preparing and writing them, as well as coaching key fee-earners in preparation for beauty parades and presentations.

  2. Speaking the right language – A project specifically designed for US law firms entering or working in the UK and European markets. Spanning marketing, business development and PR, we look at the ways in which you are communicating (or could) to identify areas for better cultural integration, leading to more successful pitching and tendering.

  3. Digital Marketing Audit – You want to understand how your social media and digital marketing is performing – that means everything from Twitter to your website and email marketing. You want to understand the things that are working well… and not so well. Areas for improvement in terms of optimisation, messaging, structure and engagement. Disconnects with your strategic plan… as well as performance in terms of target audiences and objectives. You want to understand areas of risk in terms of processes, the law and governance, as well as skills gaps within your delivery team. But most importantly you want a clear, structured list of things to work through, at the end, which will give you a roadmap for improvement.


  4. Digital Marketing Content – Read our case studies for DWF and Wards Solicitors where we produced bespoke digital content.