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Establishing a clear place to start with marketing can be tricky.  You don’t want to head off down the wrong path and cost yourself money, or open yourself to risk, before you have a logical plan to follow.  To help with this we have developed two stand-alone projects that often create a strong starting point for future activity.  You can click on the pink titles to download our brochures.

  1. Marketing and Business Development Review – A robust, professional audit of your whole marketing and business development function reviewing everything from tactical activity (benchmarked against competitors) through to how well this is linked to overall strategy, team structure and effectiveness, legal and professional compliance, governance (where applicable) and recommendations to reduce risk in the future.  For educational establishments this is presented to Governors as a traffic light risk register and stands alongside other internal audits you may commission.

  2. Messaging and branding planning – The best, most effective marketing and PR starts by understanding the things you have to say and the ways you need to say them to achieve strategic objectives. Our messaging and brand planning process follows two key stages:  Knowledge Gathering and Planning.