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Marketing & PR

At Elephant Creative, we’re never happier than when we’re working with an educational provider or supplier to improve the impact they can have on the sector and students or pupils.  We think real success comes from viewing marketing as simply making sure you are having a conversation with parents and students, or teachers and purchasers, in a way they understand, in the places they want to engage.  It’s about having a logical plan of action that contributes, across the marketing and PR disciplines, to achieving the things you want to achieve.  It is as simple as that.

Importantly for you, we know the difference between Further Education and Higher Education, early-years and primary school education, academies and free-schools and, most importantly, we know how to translate this into practical marketing and PR.  Whether you want more applications, a better retention rate or crisis PR following an unfavourable Ofsted review… or whether you’re launching a new product for early years or seeking help with messaging or thought leadership… the work we do for you will be bespoke, relevant to the sector and utterly focused on your commercial objectives.

Our marketing and PR services include:



  • Goal setting and planning

  • Messaging development

  • PR and messaging strategy (and integrating this within your wider marketing strategy)

  • Thought leadership campaigns

  • Crisis PR and scenario planning

  • PR policy development and training

  • Regional and sector-based PR

  • Digital PR (working with bloggers and social media)

  • Media training

  • Event organisation and promotion

  • Social media activity

  • Awards entries


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