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What do we believe in?

We believe in cutting out the hot air.  We believe in providing clear, practical marketing support that actually makes a difference to the bottom line.  We believe in getting satisfaction from what we do and enjoying it.  We believe in using theory to support action, rather than relying on theory to demonstrate our expertise.  We believe in using our talents to do good.  We believe in fees going on expertise, not on fancy offices.  We believe in a team of experts, rather than good-all-rounders.

If we were appointing a marketing, business development or PR agency what would we want?

We’d want action, not theory and hot air.  We’d want a logical plan rather than a glossy document that sits on the shelf.  We’d want to understand what we have to DO as a step-by-step plan, not feel cast adrift.  We’d want to feel supported.  We’d want to be able to trust them the agency they would just get on with the jobs.  We’d want to trust them that they wouldn’t rack up hours and deliver nothing. We’d want real people who’d speak plain English.  We wouldn’t want all that jazz-hands marketing bubbliness. We’d want people who knew their stuff and made a difference. So, that’s what we deliver to our own clients.

What’s our mission statement?

To get organisations in the professional services and education sectors communicating brilliantly; to lead a plain English and common-sense marketing revolution; to enable these organisations to realise their full potential through logical planning and promoting clarity within imagination.

What’s our vision?

We’re focused on revolutionising the professional services and the education sectors through providing the best marketing, BD, PR, copywriting and social media services they’ve ever experienced.  We believe in drawing experts together virtually and we never settle for good-all-rounders; we don’t think you have to have an office to be a successful agency.  We want our clients to have ‘that light bulb moment’, with us.  We believe that business growth is grounded in great communication, awesome organisation and bags of imagination.  We’re constantly championing plain English and common-sense and think measuring results and planning out action is more important than marketing hot air.  We refuse to write strategies full of theory and turn in content that says nothing.  We say no to a lot of projects so that we can focus on the things we do best.  We have a strong moral sense of what’s right and won’t work for just anyone.  Our pro-bono and community activities are a fundamental part of what makes us great.  We have personality and aren’t afraid to shout about it and that means people respect us.  We don’t just advise… we put order in chaos; we roll our sleeves up and we get stuck in.