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Within the Elephant Creative Herd we have real experts in all the marketing disciplines you’ll need to make your organisation stand out… that means everything from strategic advice through to tactical marketing, PR, branding and design, SEO, website development and social media expertise.

Client care: microsurveys v. the annual review questionnaire

If you struggle to know what works when you’re converting leads into prospects and then clients, you are not alone. If you are unsure whether you are keeping existing clients happy and providing them with the services they need, again you are not alone. Marketing professionals agree that knowing as much relevant information as possible […]

What is the difference between a lead and a prospect?

Question: how many lawyers does it take to make a sale? Answer: none, because lawyers don’t ‘make sales’, they ‘do business development’. So, having got the joke/observation/objection/grumble out of the way, for the purposes of this article let’s deal in plain English. For any business to survive it needs to make sales, whether that be of goods […]

Should you outsource your chambers marketing?

I think we can all agree that a modern barristers’ chambers (ok… let’s park whether or not that is an oxymoron) should provide a top class service to its clients, founded on high legal competency, creative thinking and a forensic approach to detail. You’re in the business of instilling confidence that the best brains are […]

Getting the most out of non-executive directors

Time after time over recent years businesses, even in some cases big businesses, have found themselves dealing with problems that could have been avoided if only they had made better use of expertise available at their own boardroom tables. In a world in which it is common for the shareholders of businesses to be focused […]

Non-Executive Directors: every firm should have one

Until comparatively recently the very idea of a large law firm going bankrupt might have seemed almost preposterous.  But things have changed. Standards of corporate governance have increased and continue to do so as a necessary consequence of the October 2011 regulatory changes that allowed non-lawyer organisations such as accountancy firms to perform some legal […]

Developing and managing your personal brand

Most people understand that building brand awareness is a bit of a no-brainer for a business. Successful brands communicate simply and directly what a business offers, how it offers it, and why people can feel comfortable in trusting it. Ok, so we’re in agreement. The importance of building brand awareness for an individual, however, is […]

How to get the all-important positive review

What makes a client decide that yours is the firm for them? Research shows that nowadays personal recommendation is by far and away the biggest influencer. BD and marketing departments still have their place, but positive comments from existing clients are, increasingly, what it is all about. People are losing faith in claims made in […]

The growing importance of offline networking

Science has proven that children who spend five days without a smartphone or digital screen can read human emotions better than those who stay online. This tells us the importance of face-to-face contact, but we live in a digital age where much of the work of a modern law firm is now conducted online. How […]

Embracing the SRA’s new rules on transparency

As of December 2018 the rules – for all firms, regardless of size – are changing over what charging and service information law firms regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) must display on their websites. The new rules have been approved by the Legal Services Board based on a proposal by the SRA following […]

The law firm of the future

Elephant Creative’s Chief Elephant Officer, Helen Hammond, shares her thoughts on ‘the law firm of the future’. There can be little doubt that the core issues of today, issues such as Brexit and GDPR, will have an impact on the future of legal practice in this country. Dealing with the consequences of such paradigm shifts […]