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Within the Elephant Creative Herd we have real experts in all the marketing disciplines you’ll need to make your organisation stand out… that means everything from strategic advice through to tactical marketing, PR, branding and design, SEO, website development and social media expertise.

The ROI of Legal Directory Submissions

Legal directory submissions are very much viewed as a “love it or hate it” part of marketing.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re law firm management, marketing or an individual solicitor… they’re an ‘eyes-rolling’ time of year… and, whilst EVERYONE says they’d like to just miss a year and see what happens… nobody is quite brave […]

The Practicalities of Thought Leadership – Part 3: Jumping into the conversation

We’ve talked about thought leadership as a concept, and we’ve talked about how to pitch your stories in.  But we know there will be times, when you’re reading the paper or watching the news, that you hear a story and think “I have something to say about that”… or “that’s EXACTLY what we’ve been talking […]

The Practicalities of Thought Leadership – Part 2: Pitching your content

Take it from me. It’s easy writing the articles. Frankly, if my life were my own I’d sit at home, in my PJs, with a dog on each foot, writing articles. I love it. But what I don’t love (with the possible exception of labrador snores, when I’m trying to write) is having to pitch […]

The Practicalities of Thought Leadership – Part 1: what is it?

You don’t have to work in professional services marketing for long before the phrase ‘thought leader’ crops up. Everyone wants to be a thought leader… it’s some kind of utopian vision instilled in every fee earner before they’ve even learnt the basics of contract law. It stands to reason. We’re in a business where people […]

How to generate leads from infographics

Here at Elephant Creative Towers we’re big fans of Piktochart and use it regularly to make both our own, and client infographics.  And… we’re HUGE fans of the clever people at Hubspot, not least because of the wonderful resources they produce. So, we were particularly excited when we saw that they’d paired up to produce […]

Be heard! Amplify your coverage on social media

We know how you feel. You work and work, writing and posting and liking and sharing… thinking you’re ‘doing the social media thing’ and then you actually look at the stats. You realise that less than 2% of your website traffic comes from social media and nobody you’ve engaged with ever seems to convert to […]

Talking to the people that are talking – getting the most from influencer marketing

Influencer marketing. Wait… what? Are we marketing to influencers? Are we the influencers… where did this come from? Influencer marketing is when you engage with influencers across marketing channels. Working with the people shouting the loudest and brightest, leveraging the relationship you have with them to get them sharing your message. A great example is […]

Have you met our #BCrush?

February is B Corp Month! Love is in the air, and this Valentine’s Day we’re going to be telling you all about our #BCrush. We’d like to introduce you to a B Corp that’s very special to us here at Elephant Creative, because without them we wouldn’t be on our own B Corp journey. It […]

Legal Wrap – October Edition

Welcome back to our monthly Legal Wrap. Here you can find the latest news in the legal industry alongside up-to-date marketing advice and our favourite free marketing tool of the month.   Law firms up spend on marketing and BD Research conducted for the Law Firm Marketing Summit has found that law firms are upscaling […]

Legal directory submissions advice in 2 minutes flat

If you know Elephant Creative, it should come as no shock to you that we are obsessive about legal directory submissions. We write them, we talk about them, we advise on them, we’re pretty much thinking about them all year round – and if that’s not enough to drive anyone potty, we write them not […]