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Business Development

Marketing activity that isn’t grounded in business development is little more than hot air.  Why would you want to spend anything that you didn’t expect to translate into work?  But that doesn’t mean that we think they should be one in the same thing.  No.  The way we explain it to clients is that business development is making the sale and marketing is ensuring you’ve got the tools to ensure you can do so.

But what does this mean we actually do?  Our business development services are utterly logical and transactional.  Whether you’re planning to open an office in the UK or USA, starting from scratch as a niche or virtual firm, launching a new product or service or simply looking to improve the conversion rate of the work you already do, our experts have a proven track record of success.

Our business development services include:

  • Goal setting and planning

  • Strategic planning

  • New product development/launch

  • New office business development

  • Profitability analysis (where we profile your clients and tell you which will be the best ‘type’ to target)

  • New business opportunity analysis and planning

  • Public sector tendering and pitching research, due diligence and preparation

  • Private sector tendering and pitching research, due diligence and preparation

  • Panel application preparation

  • Cultural analysis (to support you in tendering/pitching overseas)

  • Business development support (production of content to support tenders, pitching and BD)

  • New service or sector planning and launch

  • Reviewing activity performance and setting in place measures/KPIs

  • Client care review and implementation of programmes

  • Business development training and mentoring


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