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  1. When was Elephant Creative formed?
    July 2008

  1. Who is the Managing Director of Elephant Creative?
    Helen Hammond and you can contact her on or 01451 861804.

  1. What does it do?
    Elephant Creative is a full service marketing and PR agency specialising in working with the professional services and education sectors.

  1. How is it structured?
    Elephant Creative has an innovative, virtual structure.  That means we intentionally refuse to employ ‘good all-rounders’ preferring instead to source the leading consultants from around the world.  This means we can put together teams exactly suited to your needs.

  1. Where is it based?
    Elephant Creative doesn’t really have an office, as such… which means that every penny you spend with us goes directly towards paying for expertise.  However, Helen Hammond works from a small office in Northleach, Gloucestershire and you’re welcome to drop in!  She is also, regularly in London.

  1. What sort of clients does Elephant Creative work for?
    You can view some of our client case studies and testimonials here.

  1. What sort of work does Elephant Creative do?
    You can download some of our service brochures here.

  1. How does Elephant Creative invoice clients?
    This really depends on the work we’re doing. In most cases we invoice on or around 20th of each month but sometimes we’ll change this if we’re charging a deposit (for example, for website or telemarketing services) or doing a stand alone project.

  1. What’s Elephant Creative’s VAT number?

  1. What’s Elephant Creative’s Company Registration number?
    Elephant Creative is a trading name of Elephant Creative Solutions Ltd Company No: 7261689