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Lots of people say that SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) are the backbone of UK commerce and we tend to agree. Just because you’re small, or even medium-sized, doesn’t mean you have any less need for cutting-edge, plain English marketing and PR expertise. In fact, dare we say it… you need it even more. Fact is, you haven’t got the multi-million pound budgets… and it’s probably just you (or a couple of people) doing the work of at least ten. It’s really this that makes us love working in this sector. Our experts have specialised in businesses like yours for years. That means getting to grips with ‘putting order in chaos’, turning your ideas into reality, helping you to work out an action plan and, inevitably, getting on with the job for you too! It’s just great to see the return on this hard work… that’s why we love working with SMEs.

As always, our blog articles are tailored to help you with specific, relevant topics. Have a look at the things we’re talking about, for yourself…