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1. We speak Plain English.

Enough said.

2. We don’t believe in ‘all-rounders’.

We are experts, not only in education and professional services, but the different disciplines, structures and sectors, within them.

3. You ask us the question – we’ll give you the answer.

We won’t waste your time with fancy diagrams and long-winded data reports.

4. We can become part of your team.

We integrate and communicate. We want to understand you and your business and work closely with you to achieve the goals you set out.

5. We tailor our approach to your organisation.

We don’t have a template of documents to fit all firms. We start from scratch with every client, understanding you and your organisation.

6. We believe in fees going on expertise – not fancy offices.

Our rates reflect our expert associates, not some beautiful glass high-rise office block and posh coffee.

7. We are honest.

If we think something is a bad idea or is going in the wrong direction, we’ll tell you.

8. We believe in starting at the beginning, not half-way through.

Any marketing or business development idea needs a strategy and a plan. That doesn’t mean airy-fairy words and theory – it means researching and planning the best tactical approach to any problem or project and then setting out how to deliver it.

9. We want you to succeed and grow.

We all have a passion for our areas of expertise and the clients and projects we work on.

10. Our founder, Helen Hammond, is involved at every level.

Working with every client Helen has worked with the professional services and education sectors for years. So you can rest assured that you’ll always get the same level of plain speaking, common-sense advice that made Elephant Creative special when it was first founded.