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Education Tweeter of the Week – Burnley College #TOTW

This week we’re heading up to Lancashire for our Education Tweeter of the Week. Burnley College has been doing fantastically, and has been rated as ‘Outstanding’ across all areas by Ofsted. It’s clear that they know what it’s doing when it comes to education, but what about the tweeting? Let’s take a look…

Level of interaction, engagement and frequency of tweets

@BurnleyCollege doesn’t miss a beat with it’s tweeting, and it’s never short of insights into what students are up to or what’s going on around campus. It’s particularly good at retweeting the content of linked accounts, which shows off the different universities that it’s involved with. It’s nice to see @BurnleyCollege so in-tune with what’s going on around it, snapping up opportunities for great speakers and then making sure we know about it – it’s a great way to show that your college is an exciting and important place to be. Great stuff!



@BurnleyCollege’s bio proves just how much you can do with a limited word count. It cuts straight to the point, letting us know just how outstanding it is – and it’s even included hashtags! Our only suggestion would be to work on making it’s page a ‘verified account’ (so they get that little blue tick next to their name). Most university twitters are doing this now, and further education college’s need to follow on. By verifying your account you can save big chunks of your bio because you don’t need to tell us that the page is official – which means more words to tell us how awesome you are!


Aesthetics, quality and consistency of Twitter page

We really like how @BurnelyCollege has designed it’s page. Its colour scheme is consistent, and its graphics are high-quality and clear. We particularly like that, whilst its display picture remains the same, it changes its header every-so-often. This gives the page a feel of flexibility and creativity, and makes sure things don’t start to feel static or out-of-date. Great work.


Content and Multimedia

With over a thousand photos and videos to their name, @BurnleyCollege is nailing it with their multimedia usage. Just scrolling through their page you’ll rarely notice a tweet without an accompanying graphic or video, which makes every post come alive. Its  images and videos have a real focus on its students – and how proud it is of them – but we’ve also spotted an increasing amount of gifs being used. It’s a great way to add a bit of humour to tweet that could seem mundane on its own, or for short updates that keep things ticking over. Really fantastic work.


Twitter Experience

@BurnleyCollege is fun, engaging and – most importantly – really interested in its students. Its tone of voice is spot on, and it keeps us up-to-date to avoid slipping off the radar. Keep up the good work!

Overall Twitter Score: 38.5/40