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Education Tweeter of the Week – Harlow College #TOTW

This week we’re heading down to Harlow in Essex for our education tweeter. With an impressive variety of qualifications on offer, a state of the art journalism centre and alumni such as Jeremy Clarkson and Piers Morgan, we’ve got high hopes. But how does Harlow College stack up on social media? Let’s find out…

Level of interaction, engagement and frequency of tweets

With a steady stream of tweets throughout the day, @HarlowCollege doesn’t have to worry about falling off the radar once September admissions are done. They make sure to show that they’re always on the ball, no matter what time of year (and particularly in the summer). We really like their use of pinned tweets, which keeps relevant info around for a good length of time, without feeling like its overstayed it’s welcome. They’re particularly good with their engagement with students at the college, retweeting pictures they’ve taken, and things going on in the wider community. Add in their use of hashtags and you’ve got a winner.



@HarlowCollege’s bio tells us all the key bits about the college, focusing on their wide range of courses – from vocational courses to higher education. It’s a great way of showing that there’s so much more to FE than just A Levels (although they’re rather good on these too), and that they have something to suit every type of student. We do think they could do a few things to make it pop a bit more though – like adding in some hashtags or links to associated accounts like @HelpingHarlow_. We’d also like to see a bit more confidence too. Instead of just stating the obvious, lead off with something a bit more captivating, like an impressive statistic or something they’re passionate about. With so many college’s on Twitter these days, it’s getting harder and harder to stand out – especially in terms of search potential. So adding in those links and hashtags, and keeping your bio catchy and interesting, will do wonders for getting your message out there.


Aesthetics, quality and consistency of Twitter page

Fresh, funky graphics are everywhere to be found on @HarlowCollege’s page. We really like their header, which features content relevant to what they’re tweeting about. It’s nice to see something with a former student on it, which shows that they’re also focused on the future of their students, and proud of what they’ve achieved. Their display picture goes nicely with their header’s colour scheme, and is simple and effective. Having had a look at their website, however, we couldn’t help but feel we wanted to see a little bit more colour on their page – maybe even just an accent colour for the headers, just to make things stand out a bit more. We also think that they could have edited the header to fit with the display picture, because some of the text is covered. That being said, they’re all tiny tweaks on an already well-designed page, so well done.


Content and Multimedia

@HarlowCollege are on top of the game with their content and multimedia, topping three and a half thousand images and videos since joinging in 2009. Phew. What we love about their content is their mixture of photos, images and videos. So many education tweeters have upped their game with image sharing but still fall behind with video content – so its great to see @HarlowCollege leading the way. Regular little clips, even those less than a minute long, are a great way of keeping people involved and engaged. Combined with photos they’re a great way of making sure the focus stays on the students and what they’re up to. Aside from their fantastic visual content, they’ve got some great tweeting too – particularly about what they’re doing to improve the college’s facilities and how they’re helping out in the community. Really great stuff.


Twitter Experience

@HarlowCollege have got their tone of voice spot on, coming across as down-to-earth but still confident and proud of their students. It’s really nice to see a page that focuses on the whole student journey, from the first open day to results and beyond – and they’ve had some impressive alumni. Their use of gifs is also particularly good, and something we think that more education tweeters should get on their pages. Overall a really strong tweeter this week, and with a few tweaks they’ll be a tough one to rival. Great work!

Overall Twitter Score: 35/40