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Legal Tweeter of the Week – asb law #TOTW

This week we’re heading down south to asb law. With offices in Crawley, Sussex and Kent, asb law has been growing fast. But is their social media keeping up? Let’s find out…

Level of interaction, engagement and frequency of tweets

@asblawuk is tweeting at regular intervals, but they’re lagging behind compared to many other firms of a similar size. It’s rare to see more than one tweet per day, and there’s often a gap of a couple of days before any new posts appear. We think this is a shame, because we really like what they have to say when we do hear from them. They’ve got a lot to offer, they just need a little fine-tuning in their execution – like using hashtags to boost their search potential or retweeting key targets. With all that said, we think they’re great at self-promotion. It’s clear that they’re proud of what they’ve been working on (from seminars to fundraising coffee mornings), without appearing arrogant. @asblawuk has so much to show off, so let’s hear about it!



There’s an impressive amount of information in @asblaw’s bio, considering they’ve only got 140 characters to play with. They use all the right buzz words to remind us of their expertise and innovative approach. We think they’ve done a great job here but (yes, you’ve guessed it) we think a couple of hashtags couldn’t hurt.


Aesthetics, quality and consistency of Twitter page

@asblawuk has got a slick, clean aesthetic that has been well-designed. We really like the signature orange that runs throughout the page and ties everything together nicely. Their display picture is high-quality and simple, and we like how they’ve managed to get their URL in so skilfully – it’s easy to try and fit in too much information in a small space, but @asblawuk has got it just right. Their header picks up on the orange nicely whilst using some of the buzz words that complement their bio. A really great job.


Content and Multimedia

There’s definitely been a significant increase of @asblawuk’s multimedia lately, despite having posted fewer than 100 pictures since joining in 2009. They’ve got a good variety of images, from seminars to more casual coffee mornings. Images are a great way of keeping law firms personal and interactive, so we’d like to see more of what they’ve got to offer. Their other content is great, but people are more likely to stick around if they’ve got something eye-catching to draw them in.


Twitter Experience

@asblawuk has got a really promising twitter here, we’d just like to see a bit more of what they’ve got to offer. With so many law firms on Twitter now, it can be easy to get lost in people’s Twitter feeds – and we think it would be a shame for people to miss out on @asblawuk. Don’t be afraid to get out there (or use hashtags)!

Overall Twitter Score: 31/40