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We’re committed to being socially responsible 


Our approach

Elephant Creative, as an agency, believes that business behaviour must be socially responsible and that businesses should take account of the impact of their activities on the economy, society and the environment.  We aspire to make a positive impact in the community in which we operate, and to minimise our impact on the environment.

We know that our stakeholders expect similar standards of socially responsible behaviour from their professional advisers.  Our policy is to make social responsibility a core value of our organisation – because it makes sound business sense to do so and, more importantly, because we know it is the right thing to do.

To demonstrate our commitment to corporate social responsibility we encourage all Associates to share ideas on, and encourage participation in CSR activities.

Our activities

We organise our CSR activities into three areas:

  1. Community

Pro-bono projects, undertaken by Associates include:

  • Work as a Governor of Cirencester College and a number of other schools and colleges
  • Volunteer time to help train students on interview and business skills at several Gloucestershire, Avon and Wiltshire colleges
  • Organisation of the Cirencester International Organ Festival, on behalf of Cirencester Parish Church
  • Sponsorship (in kind, through volunteering expertise) of the Campaign for Cirencester Parish Church events
  • Sitting on the organising committee and providing PR support for the launch of Bristol Young Student of the Year
  • Web development for – a non-profit mini-conference for the web community
  • Web development for – Nepal Village Foundation
  • Logo design for ‘Magic Mouse’, Age UK
  • Trustee of and providing marketing strategy, social media, copywriting and general marketing support to The Working Well Trust
  • Trustee of and providing marketing and PR support to The Pituitary Foundation
  • PR support for The Nibley Music Festival
  • Work as Parish Warden at Cirencester Parish Church
  • Creation and maintenance of Elephants Abroad – set up to train and support women in business across West Africa
  1. Environment and climate change

Our environmental actions, thus far, include:

  • Reducing our carbon footprint – as an agency we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and actively promote recycling across all Associate offices.  As a virtual agency we are able to promote this in the first instance by not having any central office space and only booking meeting room space from organisations with a proven dedication for reducing their impact on the environment and climate change.  We have set out KPIs for energy and water consumption reduction, as well as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.  This is published publicly and reported on annually. Associates are encouraged to follow the same processes and contribute to this report. Specific examples of activity include:
    • Paper and other recyclable waste – Promoting a ‘two bin’ policy where recyclable items are put into a correct bin and recycled as a matter of course.  This includes paper, cardboard, glass, tin, battery, plastic and compost waste.  We also ensure that all electrical and computing equipment is disposed of in a responsible way.  Computers are disposed of through the programme. All other electrical goods are disposed of using the Cotswold Recycling (or other local) recycling centres.  This is done at our own expense.
    • Recycling bookS – We promote a culture of recycling all old business books through local charity shops. We also recycle CDs provided, where appropriate.
    • Lighting – We love natural daylight and promote its use wherever possible. All Associates are encouraged to use energy saving bulbs, occupancy sensors, daylight dimmers, task lighting and to ‘switch off’, with prompt materials where appropriate.
    • IT and Printers – We promote a culture of double sided printing, where possible, and the re-use of paper for draft quality printing.  Associates are also reminded to review their printer, laptop and PC equipment to ensure that it is as energy saving as possible.   We also encourage the use of Energy Star appliances, automatic sleep modes and out-of-hours timers.
    • Air conditioning and heating – As many of our Associates work from home they are encouraged to ensure that their heating works on a thermostat basis, turned down to a sustainable and practical level.  We also encourage the use of independent thermostats, timers, occupancy sensors and double-paned windows.
    • Kettles – All Associates are encouraged to use kettles in a sustainable fashion, to reduce the amount of time that kettles are boiling for.
  • Water consumption

We promote a culture of responsible water consumption. This means encouraging, across our Associate network, the use of low-flow faucets/taps, toilets/urinals and showerheads, as well as ways to harvest rainwater.

  • Transport policy

Where possible, Associates are encouraged to use public transport to get to meetings/client offices, as well as ‘car share’.  The nature of much of our work being ‘virtual’ automatically reduces the impact of this area, as travel is often non-existent.

  1. Workplace
  • Diversity and inclusion – we value and encourage a workplace (all be it a virtual one) where everyone is valued for their skills and contribution. Discrimination on any grounds is not tolerated and to ensure that our workforce is as diverse and inclusive as possible we monitor disability, ethnicity, gender, age and sexual orientation
  • Flexible and supportive working practices – as a virtual agency we actively promote flexible working practices.  Our Associates are chosen for their skill and expertise, irrespective of their working patterns.  We have many that combine freelance work with family and charity commitments and we pro-actively encourage this diversity.  Similarly, those that wish to work remotely (as opposed to on-site with clients) are supported.

Our promise

As an agency we commit to:

  • continuing to monitor disability, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender and age within our Associates, and put in place further measures to improve our understanding of diversity in our (virtual) workplace and within client’s workplaces
  • developing and extending the ways in which we support our people through different stages in their lives
  • engaging with local organisations to ensure that opportunities are genuinely open to all, with particular emphasis on developing our links with local community schools and organisations
  • donating 1% of sales to support our own project, Elephants Abroad, annually
  • donating 1% of sales to support non-profits linked to 1% for the planet
  • encouraging our teams to commit voluntary time and professional skills to worthwhile causes
  • annually reviewing energy and water consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions so that we can set KPIs for improvement and publicly report on our performance


A statement on our charitable giving

As you’ll have seen from our promise, as an agency we’re committed to acting socially and environmentally responsibly.  We donate more than 10% of our turnover, every year, through a combination of pro-bono professional services and cash donations.  The causes we support are registered charities or organisations set up to support them.  We promise to commit to prioritising giving to those charities that serve a social or environmental purpose, in line with our ethos.

As individuals our Associates also donate under their own time and budgets to causes close to their hearts.

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